Hello, BCMC Family!

In this article, we will tell you exactly what these funds will be used for and what type of benefits you will get in a very short period of time.

From what we see, in the “pie chart” the funds will accomplish the following:

1. 50% will go to more fundamental development of “People IEO” as a global system (which includes — we will tell you in the next article). As well as the purchase of more and more top channels. Opening up other social networks specified on the platform and much, much more.

2. 20% will go to Multi Wallet System (MWS) development. Still under the “TOP Secret” — More info about it in the next article.

3. 30% — Arbitrage exchanges. These funds will be used to stabilize the exchange rate.
This is very unique and the only ecosystem in the world, where everyone wins.

Announcements are tied to the token course. The сourse is growing, payments in tokens are reduced in relation to the course. That is, previously the payment was fixed in BCMC tokens, now the payment is also fixed, but only in relation to the dollar at the time of the announcement. This is exactly what the token will untie from the rate that we are all waiting for.

Why should the rate grow? To save money, you can submit ads for -25% of the cost in BCMC1 tokens. Advertisers do not trade, they take the lower rates. Their interest is a discount on advertising. If they are not interested in discounts, then payment by other cryptocurrencies still goes to arbitration. It is important to understand that the company BeforeCoinMarketCap is not some single Airdrop channel or channels. The Partner system for airdrop channels will open soon, and we do not forget that after each season of “People IEO” — tokens will be redeemed on exchanges for subsequent burning, which will lead to additional growth.

And also in the new year, it is planned to transition from the BETA version to the Main version. And this is a whole series of transfers on the exchanges, which will lead to what? That’s right! To additional growth. At the moment, we have prepared lists for the winners of “People IEO”.
And we also created an attractive referral system for buying, where the person, who invites, receives 10% of the purchase on his account, and the invited receives an additional 5%.
Referral tokens can be claimed at any time by connecting Metamask, but it will be possible to use tokens only 4 months after the expiration of the contract.

Here is the rule of the First! The first to buy — the first to take. Came second — bought more expensive, took it second.

- No KYC pass is required to purchase and revoke referral tokens.
- Minimum purchase is $100
Purchase from $100 — x1.8
Purchase from $4000 — x2.2
- Important: GWEI (internal gas charge) will be deducted from your purchase fund.
- Don’t forget to set your wallet in your profile.

Thank you for reading… see you soon in the next article!





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