Simple Rules for ”People IEO” Participation

Season greetings to you all!

We are delighted to announce the opening of the first season of People IEO. And this is a worldwide event. Henceforth, the BCMC community themselves votes for projects that will be listing on several exchanges at once. This is a unique opportunity to earn rewards for you and the project you support.

Voting in each season will last a whole month. Take your time with your choice. Projects participating will be submitted to the voting table within 1 month. In the first season, you can vote only once.

The address of your wallet you entered in the box will be your vote. After the voting, the results will be sent to the winners. We will ensure that tokens are sent out before the enumerations. After all, thanks to you, the winner of the first season will be listed immediately on 3 exchanges. Everyone can contact the technical support of these exchanges and clarify the legality of this event.

Simple Rules for ”People IEO” Participation

Projects that are just starting their journey, that is, projects that are not yet listed anywhere can participate in People IEO and do not need any input contributions. Select any 4 packages on the platform and proceed to make a payment for the orders, then fill the form to become a participant of People IEO. If projects are already being traded somewhere, they also have benefits. We do not put referral references in BCMC systems. You pay only once, and there is also a discount system. It is important to understand that the company BeforeCoinMarketCap is not separate airdrop channels, but a system on airdrop channels.

The first season will last for 2 months. The 1st-month is for voting, 2nd-month is for rewards distribution, mailing tokens, and transfers. The BCMC community themselves determines the winner. At the end of each season, there will be a voting report.

In the following seasons, there are more prizes and more transfers. Read more on our social networks.

Go BCMC family!
See you next time!

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