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Hello BCMC family!

In this article, we wanted to run a little ahead and discover a small part of our grand plan to improve the World!!!

At the moment, we are engaged in the development of a new platform focused only on companies. This platform will make it much easier to run an advertising company, making it safer and much cheaper. There are no analogues to this platform. What will be noteworthy about this platform? Why will it be in demand? What are the benefit of this crypto community? So, about everything in order.

In 4 months, the platform will be ready (+/- 2 weeks). The uniqueness of this platform is that it will be written on a unique, unchanged script with a limited number of accounts (personal accounts). There will be 555 in total. There will be no 556th account, this is impossible. Access to accounts will be issued in person, followed by ownership. Soon, these accounts themselves will be of great value. And we’ll explain why.

Each account will have a unique registration code (referral link), without which a potential advertiser will not be able to register on this platform. Only by registering a project can a company submit an advertisement. 10% of all proceeds go to the invitee’s account. On this platform, in addition to Telegram channels, a huge list of services and counter-offers will be offered (creation of stickers, video content, development of smart contracts, etc.) The account holder will be credited with 10% of all ordered advertising from the entire list of advertised services on his/her personal account. The task of our partners is only to invite. Our managers, in turn, will do all the necessary work and send a report about the work done.
Accounts are very few and as they are scarce, the requirements for obtaining a personal account will be tightened.
This platform will employ 555 top advertising managers from around the world.

What is required to receive this account? You must own a Telegram channel with at least 20,000 members. You have to sell us the Telegram channel. Conditions and prices are discussed individually. We leave your username in the Telegram channel profile where your invitation code will be posted in the future. You must be an active promoter. You must have an active channel.

How will work be done while the platform is in development?
Telegram channel administrators who wish to sell channels are recorded in a separate list. Active members will receive a personal account. You can’t buy an account. It can only be earned by activities and diligence. You can buy later only from those who first earned it. For each advertising that they find for us, they will get 30% of the cost of advertising. We are in a hurry to inform you that 100 channels have already been purchased and purchases are only in full swing. Thus your cashback from 100 channels will far exceed your earnings as to when you were the owner of 1 or 5 Telegram channels.

The benefits will be felt by the advertisers themselves. We will soon be turning on payment acceptance in our ecosystem BCMC1. When paying with our tokens, your savings will be another 20% (see previous article). This platform is just a small part of the grand launch of People IEO.
We will provide you with more information in the next releases. Stay with us!!!

Join as many channels as possible. If the post is on one channel, this does not guarantee that it will be published on our other channel. Everything will depend on the budget of the company that wants to publish the post. Channel purchases will be continuouss.

P.S. We’ll reveal a lot of secrets about how advertisers are deceived. Thus, we will not only save, but also help to save your funds.





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