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Hello, we are back again with a great news. In our last article, we talked about engaging in development of a new platform focused only on companies. The wait is over, we are glad to introduce the much awaited platform (bcmc555.pro)

The uniqueness of this platform is that it was written on a unique, unchanged script with a limited number of accounts (personal accounts). There will be 555 accounts in total. There will be no 556th account, this is impossible. Access to accounts will be issued in person, followed by ownership.

It’s a new era in the world of cryptocurrency. These is a community of all parties involve, crypto-enthusiasts, promoters, projects and exchange platforms, everyone has their own interest.

The main guarantee of success of our company is that, there are no losers, profits for everyone.

Community: Everyday earnings.

Promoters: Total 555 accounts, they receive % from all promotions they did from there referral link.

Projects: Customer of advertisement — profitable price, live community, listing on Exchange platforms.

Exchange platforms: Highly liquidity tokens every season.

This platform will employ 555 top advertising managers from around the world.

Each account will have a unique registration code (referral link), it will be impossible to registered without the registration code on this platform. Only by registering a project can a company submit an advertisement. The account holder will be credited from 10% to 25% of all ordered advertising from the entire list of advertised services on his/her personal account. Depend on the rank of the account holder.

It’s our passion to make Advertising easier, safer and much cheaper.

BeforeCoinMarketCap attracts a highly-targeted audience, enabling you to get relevant traffic and reach the right participants for your project. Our audience draws from a global community of more than 5,000,000 subscribers on our Telegram channels.

We have already acquired 100+ Telegram channels and this is only the beginning. In the future, we plan to frequently buy liquidity channels to increase audience coverage.

We believe everyone deserves access to easier, concise and reliable source for Advertisement.

Want to be part of our movement? Here is your chance to become one of our advertising managers.

If an account (promoter) is idle for 90 days, that is, inactive, the account will be taken and re-assign to another promoter.

We do what we do to empower people around the world with the information they need to make better choices when it comes to Advertisement.

People IEO “Season 1”

The registration for People IEO first season has begun, to participate in it; all you need to do is select any packet of channels to promote your project. Only new projects can participate in “People IEO”, meaning, projects that have not started trading or listing, absolutely anywhere yet. This is something that only applies to the application. If it turns out that at the time of application, the project is trading somewhere, the “People IEO” project will be withdrawn from participation at any stage.

Participation in “People IEO” is free. All you have to do is fill out a “People IEO” form. Only the winner pays 0.4% of the total supply of the project token/coin, only on the fact of winning.

  • 0.05% — Participants who voted for your project (distribution to voters).
  • - 0.02% — for ecosystem development.

We all know that usually 5–15% is allocated for Airdrop. In our “People IEO” program, you have to spend only 0.4% with the final result, on listing to several exchanges. Payment only if your project wins.

Winners reward:

1st place — Listing on 3 different Exchanges with your choice of a trading pair. (No listing fees)

2nd place — BCMC1 tokens ($3000)

3rd place — BCMC1 tokens ($2000)

4th to 10th place — BCMC1 tokens ($1000)

In the future season of People IEO, there will be more rewards, more prices and more exchange platforms for our participants.

There will be a total 6 seasons in a year calendar for “People IEO”: 2 months per season. We are in partnership with several reputable Exchange platforms for “People IEO”


BitMart Exchange

ProBit Exchange

WhiteBit Exchange

Benefits you will get by advertising with us are as follows:

·We work 24/7

· We do not take double fee. Many Airdrop Channels take a fee for advertising, they participate in your Airdrop, use referral link to invite users to your project and then sell your tokens in large quantities that will badly affect the market.

· We will describe the most common schemes to cheat newcomers: there will be no cheating. We will show the history and report on the work done.

· Low prices and discount offers is available.

· We have a huge selection of channels that will regularly grow in quantity and quality.

· Most importantly: we have a crypto community that regularly earns and learns about information at the right time. Searching in bulk through blockchain.

· And finally, you can win worthy rewards with us. The judges are the community itself, through voting. Reporting after each season.

Important advice to our community:

Do not sell your BCMC1 tokens cheap, we have a system of discount, on payment for advertising via BCMC1 token, projects will get a 25% discount when paying with our token. (BCMC1).

At the moment, the registration of projects for People IEO first season has begun, we’ll inform you when voting begin on the platform.

Thank you for staying with us! More good news is coming.




BeforeCoinMarketCap is a platform for tracking initial placement of tokens, and audit of valid tokens with small volume.