Have time to board our ship!

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A little insider information to reflect on why it is beneficial right now to have time to purchase BCMC1 tokens, it’ll be high-cost later! February 4 BCMC1 Token Sales will be closed. All tokens not sold will be burned (see contract). (CLOSED).

In the near future, a completely new development of “People IEO” top secret is going to be introduce on the platform. Development is carried out in the strictest secret to avoid information leakage. With the advent of a new trend, and this very soon (see the roadmap), everyone in their heads will have only one thought: “WAS THAT POSSIBLE??!!” Thus, the introduction of innovations will lead to a rigorous growth of the token of our ecosystem (BCMC1).

This is what we want to tell you in this article and what is happening at the moment in our team.

Our team works 24/7. You could also notice this and from the week before last, we began an additional recruitment of employees, both full-time and freelance. It will be a separate team. They will be indirectly related to the platform. A new earnings system has also been developed for freelance employees. Why are all these happening?

We’re starting the first growth lever of our token. There are 5 in total. Soon, our company will begin a full-scale purchase of Airdrop and project channels, which will function with reference to the token of our eco-system. Naturally, they will also work with ETH and other cryptocurrencies.

Projects wishing to place their advertising will be offered a price with various packages of services and options in the ratio:


-100% payment ETH

-80% payment BCMC1 ( 20% discount!)

Advertising nowadays is costly. We are telling you with knowledge of the matter! Thus, a comprehensive benefit is obtained. Such necessary money saving to newly founded companies and the growth of the token of our eco-system. Not all companies are lucky with sponsorship fees or large investors. In this regard, luck smiled at us. Behind our ideas is a large player of traditional exchanges, who wished to stay incognito, for now. We are almost completely self-sufficient. And from this it follows that token sales is not our primary task. Our primary task is development and rigorous growth.

“Why then, did you release this article if token sales is not so important to you” — You might wonder why? The answer is simple: There are no extra funds. All processes, all purchases, all developments will accelerate.

Funds (BCMC1 tokens) has been saved in a separate wallet for “People IEO” and all shares associated with it and it has nothing to do with token sale!

At the moment, we have already bought several channels and are conducting testing. In parallel, negotiations are underway with other channels for purchase or cooperation. This is actually about those Airdrop channels that you have already signed up for and from which you learned about our project. You will soon learn our channels by our abbreviation, hashtag (#BCMC1)and logo. Every month, every day we will increase the number of channels. Therefore, we are entitled to count on the systematic and confident growth of the token of our eco-system. And this is just the beginning of preparations for the grandiose launch of “People IEO”.

* Small retreat: 65% of our employees themselves expressed a desire next month to receive a premium in tokens (BCMC1). Literally 4 months ago, this proposal was ignored. Two weeks ago, the team was informed about the details of the “People IEO”. Until that moment, it was the secret of a small development team. All details about the launch and conduct of “People IEO” will be published in advance on our social network channels.

*By also looking at the smart contract, you will see token locks for a period of 3 years with the team and the investors. This is further evidence that we have far-reaching and very ambitious plans. We are not interested in instant and at the same time cheap benefits.

Therefore, we do not recommend selling earned tokens or purchased tokens in the early stages. At the launch of “People IEO” will be involve 2 more levers of growth of our token. We will tell you more about this later on our official channels. Something grandiose is being prepared!

* Stay with us, there is a lot of interesting and profitable ahead. We are serious and for a long time!!! We came to work!!!

Have time to board our ship!!!





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