Every day, the development of the crypto industry takes a new step. Hundreds of projects create global networks offering new technologies, products, payment methods, etc. But not many projects manage to reach their goal. Everyone knows that all projects publish pre-sale of their token/coin, make large airdrops to distribute their token/coin to users who have followed them, but no one knows in whose hands their token/coin will fall. According to market and news research, only 15% out of 200 projects go out into the world, the rest are attacked by multi-accounts who mercilessly sell all their collected tokens/coins from all their multi- wallets and leave not a single chance for companies to go out into the world. We face such attacks more than once and still do, and that’s why we are creating a new unique machine for everyone designed in sync and tracking the blockchain industry. As we wrote above that multi-accounts leave no chance for projects by selling huge amounts of tokens/coins and pushing the rate to -100%. From now on, it will be the opposite. Our unique machine will not leave a single chance to such perpetrators. Our main goal is to develop the crypto industry from all sides.

We are already working on our platform in test mode to block these multi-accounts. This scheme will allow projects to intelligently and securely distribute their tokens/coins to only real users/wallets and accounts. We are currently working on a blockchain database and multi-account schemes. There are on average 15 different wallets per person and if you are doing airdrop on a scale of 1,000,000 and distributing to one user 10,000 per wallet, — then 2/3 of participants may have such accounts.

You already understand the scale of project collapse seeing such figures. A special filter will block and highlight such accounts — perpetrators, which will protect you from failure when you enter the trading floors.



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BeforeCoinMarketCap is a platform for tracking initial placement of tokens, and audit of valid tokens with small volume.