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Hello BCMC family!

In this article, we wanted to run a little ahead and discover a small part of our grand plan to improve the World!!!

At the moment, we are engaged in the development of a new platform focused only on companies. This platform will make it much easier to run an advertising company, making it safer and much cheaper. There are no analogues to this platform. What will be noteworthy about this platform? Why will it be in demand? What are the benefit of this crypto community? So, about everything in order.

In 4 months, the platform will be ready (+/…


A little insider information to reflect on why it is beneficial right now to have time to purchase BCMC1 tokens, it’ll be high-cost later! February 4 BCMC1 Token Sales will be closed. All tokens not sold will be burned (see contract). (CLOSED).

In the near future, a completely new development of “People IEO” top secret is going to be introduce on the platform. Development is carried out in the strictest secret to avoid information leakage. With the advent of a new trend, and this very soon (see the roadmap), everyone in their heads will have only one thought: “WAS THAT…


BeforeCoinMarketCap is a platform for tracking initial placement of tokens, and audit of valid tokens with small volume.

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